Sunday, January 31, 2010

Negotiating with a 3 and 5 Year Old, Ain't Easy

So many toys, so little time!!
Andi trying to get more balls
Playing foosball
So a lady in our ward is PG, we'll call her Jill. I bet her that she was going to have a boy. She has 3 girls, whom all three I adore. I know with each pregnancy, the odds do not change. She said no I feel it's a girl. I said I am so sure, if you have a girl, I'll take the girls to John's incredible Pizza. Well she is having a boy and I won. At least that's what I thought. At church last Sunday, we were all sitting together and the girls asked when we were going out for pizza. I said I won the bet and we are not going. They each looked at me and giggled and said yeah but when are we going. Then the mom said he won, you don't get to go. The oldest said yeah but he is taking us anyway and looked at me. Well we went yesterday. Enjoy the pictures cause I had a great time taking them. I took them with my iPhone, quality not too good.

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Neva said...

You are a very blessed man Papa Randy!
love, neva