Saturday, January 23, 2010

Way to go Jake!!!!

I wanted to give a shout out to one of the coolest human beings on planet earth. My grandson Jacob. He won the pinewood derby this morning in his area, and set a new course record doing it. He won the finals by 2 car lengths. Last night while tweaking one of the front tires, a piece of wood broke on the car that holds one of the front wheels. He was so sad. But with determination, super glue, and some cool work by his dad, all was saved. I told him last night not to worry, that someone had to lose before someone could win, so be a good sport no matter what. He said he would. He called me latter that night to tell me that he and his dad thought the car might be fixed. Jacob said not to worry papa, I know you were worried for me and I wanted to tell you it would be OK. My 10 year old grandson told me it would be OK. And it was. What a kid! Sure love that boy. Anyway CONGRATULATIONS JACOB!!!

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Lynne The Harry Potter Lover said...

WOW, is Jake a scout?!
Because I'm a Scout too! In Australia! :D