Sunday, March 28, 2010

Randy’s Movie Review.

Well we did it again. We went to the dollar theater. It should be the 2 dollar theater though. We saw ‘The Tooth Fairy” with Dwayne Johnson. Loved it. Yes it is predictable. Yes it is corny. But I like corny, it’s who I am. I love happy movies, with no sexual content, no profanity, and portray a good moral. The world needs a whole lot more “Corny”. It was funny, entertaining, heartwarming, and had a happy ending. Like I said before I am for anything that is rated PG. Again I give it two thumbs up.


David and Amanda said...

You're so funny! I'll take your advice and check it out when it's on DVD. :O)

Karrie said...

Spring break is here... I might *might* take my kids to see a movie at the dollar theater. I tried last summer, and it was a disaster... but they are all quite a bit older now, so it might work. Maybe.