Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Just a few things that have happened.

I haven't updated in a while, so here it is.
1. I won a biggest loser contest in our office. The first prize was $800.00. I lost 61 pounds, no I don't have dyslexia, I lost sixty-one pounds. That's my current picture to the right.
2. I just got back from a backpacking trip to the Sierras. It was just awesome. Good times with great friends, good food. I took a video - go to youtube - "weaver lake June 2010".
3. We are headed to Flagstaff for a family reunion with our kids. Hope they all get to go. I am really excited to see them. I love my family so much. Nothing more important than family..
4. Most of you know we have 13 grandchildren. Well that's going to change to 14 in January of 2011. Jeremy and Eliza are expecting their 5th. Can't wait. How blessed are we? VERY!!!
5. A week ago I passed my ham operators license. Yes I am an official ham............ radio operator.
6. I am walking 5 miles before work, about 5 days a week. Because I have lost 61 pounds, I am thinking about running a triathlon (sprint- you know a short version) before my 60th birthday.
7. I am a devout Lakers fan an I am so excited that the Los Angeles Lakers won the NBA title. And they beat the (yucky) Celtics. My daughter Amanda's family likes the Lakers too! Can't you tell. Go Lakers Go!!!!
8. Fathers day was just plain awesome. I got to hear from all my kids and several of my grandchildren said La lou papa.....translation love you papa.
Well that's all folks....at least for now.


David and Amanda said...

Great update! We sure love you and are so proud of you! Go, Go, Go Papa Randy!!!!!

Rach n Adam said...

Glad to hear you are well! Congrats on the 61 pounds! That is awesome and you look GREAT!!! Hope you have a wonderful time at your family reunion!! :)