Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Great CCR Song from the past

"Just got home from Illinois, lock the front door, oh boy. Got to sit down and take a rest on the porch." Only we just got back from Flagstff, but oh boy is right. We had a wonderful time. Great to see some of my kids and grandkids. We saw deer from our condo, played games, sat and talked, swam, "chilled" in the Spa, played pool, went miniture golfing, played the local pitch and putt golf course, went to the Grand Canyon, and rode the desperado. Absolutely MAGNIFICENT. YEs I am having joy in my posterity.


Heidi and Rich said...

So fun - Amanda told me how awesome the place was that you stayed in. I love that you are getting to hang with your kids and grandkids. That is what life is all about. Thanks for the pictures!!

Heidi and Rich said...
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David and Amanda said...

Dad way to beat me to posting pictures!!!! I'll post soon. What a great time, I want to go back! Love you!